Windows by the numbers: Windows 10 hits late wall, stalls

Microsoft customers last month pressed “pause” in their migrations from Windows 7 to Windows 10 as the adoption of the latter stalled for the first time since February. According to data published Sunday by analytics vendor Net Applications, Windows 10’s share of all personal computers slumped a full percentage point – breaking a string of […]

Microsoft names its next Windows 10 upgrade: ‘2004’

Microsoft this week tagged the next Windows 10 refresh with the four-digit label 2004, the designation meant to avoid confusion with a long-retired server OS if not an admission of the upgrade’s release timeline. Windows 10 2004 – in Microsoft’s format, the numbers represent year (yy) and month (mm) of release – is still in […]

Mysterious app keeps you from shutting down — or does it?

At last, we have a description of the mysterious shutdown-blocking G — and a fix for Microsoft’s G-generating bug coming in the next version of Win10, commonly called 20H1. If you look online, you’ll see hundreds (if not thousands) of reports about Win10 shutdown getting blocked by a mysterious app called, simply, G. Overflowbr on Bleeping […]

An exorcism at Microsoft | Computerworld

Satya Nadella has been Microsoft CEO for more than five years, having replaced Steve Ballmer in February 2014. Along the way, he’s made dramatic changes in the way Microsoft operates, doing things that Ballmer likely never would have done, including writing off, for $7.6 billion in 2015, Ballmer’s Nokia acquisition. But at Microsoft’s recent annual […]

Duck Duck Go offers Mac users even more privacy

People are finally waking up to the importance of privacy and the risk of entities over whom we have no control hoovering up the details of our digital lives, and that’s why the latest news from Duck Duck Go is so worthwhile. Apple’s good privacy just got better We know Apple is working to protect […]

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