Google launches leaked-password checker, will bake it into Chrome in December

Google has launched a web-based hacked-password checker, part of its efforts to bake an alert system into Chrome.

Called “Password Checker,” the service examines the username-password combinations stored in Chrome’s own password manager and reports back on those authentication pairings that have been exposed in publicly-known data breaches.

The web version can be found at<>, the umbrella site for Chrome users who run the browser after logging in with their Google account, then use that to synchronize data – including passwords – between copies of Chrome on different devices.

After requesting a password checkup, Google returns the results to Chrome, organized in lists of accounts relying on already-compromised username-password pairs, accounts for which the user has reused a password (something usually frowned on by security experts) and accounts that rely on weak passwords.

At the moment, there’s nothing built into Chrome, at least the most polished, Stable build; only the external web-based dashboard has been launched.

But as Google said last month when it released Chrome 77, it plans to bake a hacked-password alert system into the browser. Details then were absent, although the intent was clear: Chrome would have something similar to what Mozilla will premiere in three weeks when the open-source developer ships the next Firefox.

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