A tiny sop to Win10 1903 users bitten by the KB 4512941 Cortana/SearchUI.exe redlining bug

On Friday, Microsoft released KB 4512941, the long-anticipated second August cumulative update for Win10 version 1903 – which is to say, the latest patch for the latest version of Windows. Within a few hours, people were complaining on various online forums that installing the update immediately triggered excessive CPU use. I wrote about that on Friday night.

Cortana’s SearchUI.exe routine can send one “core” processing unit through the roof. Various reports place the redlining at anywhere from 40% to 100% utilization of the single core, resulting in a constant drain of 20% or more on the entire PC. 

In Win10 1903, when you search your computer, you use Cortana. So the native Search function also breaks down. 

Although the second August cumulative update for 1903 is billed as “optional,” it’s a key update precisely because the first August cumulative update broke Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, and VBScript. Patches in July and August also broke Windows Sandbox, the Preboot Execution Environment and MIT Kerberos – all of which are supposed to be corrected by this second August patch.

But if you install the second August patch, KB 4512941, there’s a decent chance your machine will break out in hives. 

Most damning, Mayank Parnmar at Windows Latest reported on Saturday:

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