This month’s Windows and Office security patches: Bugs and solutions

What happens when Microsoft releases eight – count ‘em, eight – concurrent beta test versions of Win10 version 1909 without fixing bugs introduced into 1903 on Patch Tuesday?

Pan. De. Moaaan. Ium.

The VB/VBA/VBScript debacle

No doubt, you recall the first wave of pain inflicted by the August 2019 patching regimen. Microsoft somehow managed to mess up Visual Basic (an old custom programming language), Visual Basic for Applications (for Office macros) and VBScript (a largely forgotten language primarily used inside Internet Explorer). Folks running applications in any of those languages would, on occasion, receive “invalid procedure call error” messages when using apps that had been working for decades.

Some companies’ commercial applications stopped working intermittently. More importantly, many large corporations’ internal custom programs turned belly-up.

The bug affects every single version of Windows – all the way from Win7 to Win10 version 1903. I think of it as Patching as a Keystone Kops Service.

If you’ve been following the details, you know that on Aug. 16, three days after Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released fixes for the bug in:


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