Review: Bezalel’s Prelude wireless smartphone charger loses the cable

Review: Bezalel’s Prelude wireless smartphone charger loses the cable

Wireless chargers, in general, offer limited convenience. Yes, it’s nice to be able to simply plop your iPhone or Android smartphone on a pad and have it charge, but all you’re really saving is the time it takes to plug in your phone.

There are, howver, some great use cases for the technology, such as charging your smartphone in your car or when you’re on the go at airports and cafés. And a wireless charger does mean you won’t be wearing out a cable by plugging and unplugging it from your smartphone.

Now, take the wireless charging concept and combine it with a portable, battery power bank, and you’ve got something truly mobile. That’s one of latest innovations from  inductive wireless charging – battery packs that can be used on the go to wirelessly charge your smartphone.

Los Angeles-based Bezalel is one of several companies now making such a device. (RAVPower, for example, offers the PB080 Power Bank.) But the Bezalel charger has some unique features.

Bezalel’s Prelude wireless charger is about the size of a deck of cards, weighs 5.6 ounces and has a nano-suction pad that securely sticks to the smooth, rear surface of a smartphone while leaving behind no residue. You can also purchase one of Bezalel’s glossy Latitude iPhone cases ($25), to which the nano-suction pad also sticks. The  iPhone case is magnetized to guide your phone to the optimal spot on any charging pad.

Bezalel Prelude wireless charger

The Prelude wireless charger attached to the back of an iPhone 8.

Fast charging via a battery

The Prelude offers 10-watt (10W) “fast charging,” which simply means it charges faster than the more prevalent 5W wireless chargers. (RAVpower’s charger offers 5W charging.)

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