2 Android Q features we still haven’t seen in action

2 Android Q features we still haven’t seen in action

We’re down to the final countdown for Google’s Android Q release — and by and large, it feels like there aren’t many surprises left. After all, while Q won’t technically be released for another week or three, the software’s been evolving in a public beta for nearly five months now

But hold the phone: Despite the fact that we’ve been talking about Android Q for what feels like an eternity, there are actually a couple pretty significant areas of the software that we haven’t yet explored — and won’t be able to for a while, either, even after this summer’s official release.

They’re features that have the potential to seriously change how we use our phones, in totally different but equally important ways.

So as we mosey our way even further into the nitty-gritty of Android Q over these coming weeks, remember: Until these two not-entirely-finished elements come into focus (hint, hint), we aren’t truly seeing the full picture of Google’s latest Android version.

Let’s get into ’em, shall we?

Android Q pending feature #1: Focus Mode

The first Android Q feature we haven’t seen in action is something Google first told us about at its I/O developers’ conference in May but isn’t expected to launch until sometime “later this fall.” It’s called Focus Mode (see how that little hint paid off?), and it’s all about giving us a better way to tune out the vices associated with our devices and avoid being distracted by inconsequential noise.

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