When will your phone get Android Q? A data-driven upgrade guide

When will your phone get Android Q? A data-driven upgrade guide

With Google’s final Android Q beta now out in the wild and the final Q release likely just days away, the question on everyone’s mind is: When will my phone get the upgrade?

(Okay, that — and also: Will they actually name the software Queen of Puddings? But that’s another discussion for another time. (C’mon, Google. Make it happen.))

The question of “when will it hit me” is an all-too-common query here in the land o’ Android — and it’s become a frustratingly difficult one to answer. The truth is that after years upon years of missed deadlines and broken promises, most Android manufacturers have just stopped making specific commitments altogether. (Hey, that’s one way to handle it, right?) And most of ’em, as I’ve learned from closely tracking upgrade delivery performance since Android’s earliest days, do a pretty shoddy job at getting new software into users’ hands.

So what can you expect as Android Q makes its way into the world? The honest answer is that no one can say for sure. What we can do, though, is look to the various device-makers’ recent performances with Android upgrades as a general guide to what sorts of timelines seem likely.

Now, let’s not kid ourselves: A company’s priorities can certainly shift, and the past doesn’t necessarily dictate the future. In broad terms, though, most manufacturers tend to be relatively consistent with how much emphasis they place on timely ongoing software support (yes, even with the oft-lauded Project Treble improvements factored in). Looking at a company’s recent performance can give you a good overview of how it typically approaches this area — at least in broad terms — and give you the most data-driven and educated guess you’re gonna get about when Android Q might realistically reach your device.

So, enough jibber-jabber: Here’s the lowdown on how the major Android manufacturers have fared with upgrades for current and previous-gen flagships as of late and what that suggests when it comes to the Android Q release. (Note that this information is all U.S.-specific and based upon when each upgrade first showed up on any broadly-available-in-the-States model of a particular phone.)

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