Fast forward: What’s coming in future versions of Chrome?

Chrome continues to gobble up the browser market, leaving rivals to split a pile of crumbs.

Now with nearly 69% of world’s browser user share – a measure of browser activity calculated monthly by metric vendor Net Applications – Google’s Chrome has no popularity peer. Its rivals barely qualify as such, with Microsoft’s Edge adopting Google’s technology and Mozilla’s Firefox trying to keep its head above 8%.

So, when Chrome speaks, everyone listens, whether about each browser upgrade – something Computerworld tracks in the What’s in the latest Chrome update? series – or about Google’s plans for the future.

Every Chrome upgrade is accompanied by release notes aimed at enterprises that highlight some of the upcoming additions, substitutions, enhancements and modifications planned for the browser. We collected the most important for this “Coming soon” round-up. Just remember that nothing is guaranteed; Google pointedly notes: “”The items listed below are experimental or planned updates. They might be changed, delayed, or canceled before launching to the Stable channel.”

Chrome 77: Lowering (the number of) flags

“Many flags in chrome://flags will be removed in upcoming Chrome versions, starting with Chrome 77,” Google said, repeating a warning from June about Chrome 76 that didn’t come to pass. “You shouldn’t use flags to configure Chrome because they’re not supported. Instead, configure Chrome for your enterprise or organization using policies.”

The macOS version of Chrome 76 Stable listed 307 available flags and another 15 unsuitable for Apple’s operating system.


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